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Laboratorio de Economía Experimental

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Seminarios de la Semana
  • Seminario de Economía Aplicada y Econometría: Isaiah Andrews (Massachusetts Institute of Technology): "Identification of and correction for publication bias". Lunes 13, 13:15h, 15.1.01.
  • Seminario de Microeconomía: Aniol Llorente-Saguer (Queen Mary University of London): "Runoff Elections in the Laboratory". Martes 14, 13:15h, 15.1.01.
  • Seminario de Economía Aplicada y Econometría: Tommaso Frattini (University of Milan): "Border Policies and Unauthorized Flows: Evidence from the Refugee Crisis in Europe". Miércoles 15, 13:15h, 18.1.A03.
  • Seminario de Economía Aplicada y Econometría: Frank Kleibergen (University of Amsterdam): "Efficient size correct subset inference in linear instrumental variables regression". Lunes 20, 13:15h, 15.1.01.
  • Seminario de Microeconomía: Jan Zapal (Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education – Economics Institute): "A Model of Focusing in Political Choice". Martes 21, 13:15h, 15.1.01.
  • Seminario I.D.D.: Jaime Millán (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid): "Reducing credit constraints to post-secondary technical education in developing countries. Evidence from Colombia". Miércoles 22, 13:15h, 14.0.07.
  • Seminario de Macroeconomía: Martin Gonzalez Eiras (University of Copenhagen): "The cost of nuclear war threat". Jueves 23, 13:15h, 15.1.01.
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Publicaciones Recientes

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